Friday, March 8, 2013

My heart

Loki is my li'l baby Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  He's brought such joy to my life and I cannot even remember what live was like before I scooped up his little odd-eyed roly poly body.  Since I've been sick, he lays with me, he plays quietly with his toys and really stayed mellow on the days when I felt the worst.  He's forgotten all he learned in Puppy class and we are trying to re-teach him but ... he's also a stubborn teenaged puppy too.  I love him more and more everyday.  How could I not?  Look at that face!!! Don't worry, I don't dress him all the time, I just couldn't resist the little sock money sweater on clearance while I was buying pet food.  I love you, Loki-Poki, you are my everything.

Gracie is our 6 year old Maine Coon-Munchkin mix.  She's got the fluff and look of a Maine Coon on wee little legs.  They look long here but she's not very big at all.  She's the guardian of the wine.  Haha.  I love Gracie.  She's a princess in every sense of the word.  You can only snuggle and pet her on her terms.  She's the most gentle cat and never gets mad (except at the other animals) but ... will meow in the most haggard-groucy manner whenever you pick her up and try to hold her.  She prefers to wait until you sit down (and any time you sit down no matter how quickly you are doing so ...) and then pounce into your lap, flop down and start purring.

And ... JD, the middle child. He's a special one.  He is an absolute people-cat.  He loves to cuddle and be held and he knows how to give "kisses".  He will only sleep next to you, curled up to you like a person with a front leg stretched across your neck.  He comes into the living room every night when I get home and will stand up on his hind legs, front legs outstretched asking to be picked up.  He's so strange.  It can also be incredibly annoying at times when you're trying to sleep and he's trying to find the "just right" spot to lie down with you.  That part gets rough.

My fur-babies bring so much love to my life.  They know how to sit with me and be mellow.  I love them so much.  I love them like I should love my own birthed children.  They make me happy.  They feel like home.

I'll write a better entry tomorrow.  The Prednisone is making me absolutely drained so far and my brain just doesn't seem to be working either.  Dan's working nights tonight and I am getting the fur-babies ready to call it a night.  I am desperate for a full night of blissful sleep.  I'm sure I'll be awake when Dan gets home.  he doesn't know how to be quiet.  When he leaves in the morning I am usually awake til he leaves.  However ... if I was that loud it would get ugly.  It's NOT FAIR!  But, I guess I won't have to deal with that for awhile as I won't be coming home late at night til May.  It still doesn't seem real.

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