Friday, March 29, 2013

Thank goodness it's Friday

Yay, Friday.  No treatment for the next two days.  I can maintain a level of energy for an entire day instead of knowing that once I go to the cancer center it will be a steady downward spiral!  Alas, today hasn't been a great day.  

I woke up at 430 this morning (after not getting to sleep til after midnight) with my chest feeling like it was being crushed by an invisible elephant.  My shoulder was in horrific agony.  I laid there contemplating whether or not this was the type of chest pain to be taken more seriously than others.  But, I didn't feel it was THAT bad.  So, I got up and took Loki out as he was starting to sub-boof (when he barks without opening his mouth).  I laid back down and couldn't go back to sleep.  I couldn't get comfortable now.  It felt like my entire rib cage literally had been stepped on and wasn't springing back to it's regular oval shape. 

The rest of today has been pretty much the same.  My chest feels tight, I can't take deep breaths, and everything aches.  I am hoping it's just because I was sleeping wrong or something.  But, it's been a rough day.  I went to my appointment and got to go in early since they were ahead of schedule.  I came home, had a little lunch and then ... everything went downhill.  My lovely fever spiked higher than normal and I was down for the count.  I took an hour and a half nap (even with the fatigue, I don't nap.  Still, I nap when I'm sick) and haven't been able to do anything.  

I wrote this morning.  Usually I write in the afternoon but I was on the couch so I thought I'd give it a shot.  I think I did alright.  I didn't try to delete it! I wrote only 3619 words but it was something.  I actually made progress after having writers' block yesterday and that makes me happy.  I feel like I got over a hurdle. 

I still do feel like I'm being flattened slowly.  I'm coughing more today than I have been recently, my ears still hurt.   But, there's nothing wrong with me right?  At least, that's what the pulmonologist that I can't stand says.  My rheumatologist emailed me that he wants to see me in the office next week because he's worried things aren't getting better.  I also have to see the ENT guy about the mysterious pressure in my ears and face.  

My poor Loki has a mild allergy to the ol' fleas.  He got a flea, it bit him on the butt and now he won't stop chewing his butt.  He's been regular on his flea treatments and hasn't had any other issues.  So, I gave him some benadryl today to see if it will help and put some neosporin on his chewed spot.   So far he hasn't scratched or gone after himself anymore.  Good, I think I figured out how to fix him.  That makes me happy because I'd hate for him t be miserable and itchy, and I had a German Shepherd that was allergic to fleas.  Unfortunately, this was before all that topical treatement was all the rage.  She chewed up her entire back ... it was sad.  I won't let that happen to my little Loki-Poki.  

On a positive note, I am now done with 3 weeks of my 5 weeks of radiation!!! I only have two weeks to go! Then, I'll need to shake off all this crud and get to return to the normal life that I know so well.  Oh it will be fantastic to feel like a normal person again.  That's something to look forward to right? 

Happy Friday everyone.  I hope you enjoy your weekend if you have it off, and enjoy your work days if you work shift work like I do.  (except I am the lucky one that has weekends off).  It's supposed to rain this weekend so ... I hope your plans include staying indoors!!  There's nothing better than snuggling up on a rainy day anyway! 

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