Monday, May 20, 2013

Earthquake Country

I'm more than happy to live here in Earthquake country.  There is no warning ... no anticipation and hurrying to evacuate.  It just happens.  And it happens for a total of like 30 seconds, if that.  Yes, there's the huge unknown of the BIG one happening any time, anywhere.  But, I'll take that over Tornadoes ANYDAY!

My heart is broken for the people affected by the massive tornadoes ripping across the mid-west.  While we are here complaining about it being too hot for May and then too cold for May ... people are having their lives ripped completely to shreds.  Tornadoes are ruthless.  They speed across towns, completely flattening them without a second glance.  Yes, I speak of them as if they have feelings but ... it's crazy how they work.  It's like they are bi-polar, changing their minds and direction in an instant.  Just when you think you are safe, it changes direction and charges right for you.

I've seen a couple videos of the massive beast currently terrorizing Oklahoma.  I look at them and my heart races.  Can you imagine seeing that coming towards you? Even if you get yourself to a safe place, your mind will fixate on the brutal reality.  You may not have a home to go to when you get back to your house.  You could lose neighbors, family members, businesses that you frequent all the time.  Your life will completely change.  It won't be the same ever again. 

This isn't just some run of the mill tornado, crossing the plains during tornado season.  These are HUGE! Honestly, I can't speak with any real knowledge since I don't live in Tornado Alley but it seems since they are so common, there are those tornadoes and then .. there are THESE TORNADOES.  It's scary.

It reminds the world that this planet is unpredictable.  It's a living being, with weather that runs rampant, it has a mind of it's own and truly, if earth decided it didn't want us living on it anymore ... earth could make us all disappear.   Obviously, as we've seen with these natural disasters ... it can be done.

I'll stay here and take my unknown, my 30 seconds of shaking.  California is very pro-active on earthquake retro-fitting of old buildings and planning for earthquakes in new construction.  We know how to handle our beast.  I'll stay put. 

My heart, thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the midwest.  May you find peace in the middle of all this destruction.

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