Saturday, May 18, 2013

I have no idea what I am doing

This moving in 2 weeks later than we were supposed to is really stressing me out.  I am back to work full time and then some and really have no time to do what needs to be done to empty the old house and get it cleaned up to perfect condition.  This would have been a breeze of a move if it had happened when it was supposed to.

I know, I 'm beating a dead horse.  I get it.  But, I'm so stressed now trying to figure it out how to manage it before my shifts, and squeezing it all in on the weekends.  It's just driving me bonkers. 

I also shouldn't have let my vet go ahead with the neutering of my dog yesterday.  He's so miserable with that cone.  And yesterday?  He didn't want to be anywhere else other than live in my lap.  I'd set him down next to me and he'd push his way back into my lap.  I laid down on the couch and he draped himself along me and passed out in my arms.  It was the only time I was able to get him to rest at all.  He doesn't fit in his sleeping crate so I had to put him in his ex-pen in our living room all by himself in a house he's been to once before in his life.  I feel like a terrible dog mom!!!  But, today he was moving around a little better with the cone but he's still hating it.  And trying to keep him calm ... omg.  I have to keep him in the ex-pen if I can't monitor him completely because he'll jump on the couch, try to chase the cat, etc.  Poor buddy.  I know the worst is behind him and now we can get through this and remove that cone. 

We tried the inflatable cones but he can still reach the surgical site and lick it so ... no inflatable cone for him.  The inflatable cone would have been a blessing. He would have LOVED it.  He seemed SO much happier while he was wearing it. 

I wish I could wave a magic wand and get the crap from the old house magically poofed over to the new one so I can just go clean it.  It's a bunch of little miscellaneous stuff ... and it's not exactly easy to zip back and forth from each house.  It's a pain in the ass actually. 

I need "Normal".  I need it.  My life hasn't been normal for months and months.  I need my routine back.  I need settled.  I need to just worry about sleeping, working, taking care of the animals, paying bills, making meals.  I don't want to think about moving, packing, sorting, etc.  I'm over it.  My brain isn't happy.  My body isn't happy.

I need normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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