Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Loki

On May 1st, 2012 a little red/whi Corgi named Echo gave birth to several little short legged balls of fur.  One of them was a spitting image of his doggy dad, Zane, a tri-colored Corgi.  That little spitting image had one little difference ... he had one blue eye and that little blue eye endeared him to us and we had to have him.  

Above is the first photo we ever saw of our little nugget before we went and actually picked him out.  He was such a roly poly little puff ball of fur and his ears didn't even stand up!!! I fell in love with that little fuzzball instantly.  Of course, I couldn't take him home for at least another month because he was too little!! 

We went and visited often.  Unfortunately, we missed the one day that only one of his ears was standing up.  Above is one of my most favorite pictures of Loki.  Look how tiny he was and you can see his vivid blue eye.  He was such a teeny little baby!!! 

Every time we visited he looked bigger!  Here is his 8 week old picture, I believe.  I can't remember exactly how old he was but, he was almost ready to come home with us.  Such a smiley little doggy even back then!!! 

One of our first days home we were playing in the living room and I tuckered him out.  He passed out flat on his belly with all his legs extended.  I was over the moon and snapped a photo of it.  Unfortunately, this was the last time he's ever done this.  I guess it's just not comfortable for him.  It's super cute though!! 

The black on his head started fading rather quickly and he started to look a lot different.  It was weird because with my dalmatian and bulldog, they had more color come in as they got older.  Loki was losing his color as he grew!! 

My boy was just the most handsome little guy in the world.  He was growing so quickly!!! Those EARS!  They just kill me.  So big!  And, they grow with him so he never really "grows into" his ears.  They are just as massive now! 

As you can see, the black disappeared from his head.  He started looking like this and never really changed after that.  He was such a good dog.  He's stubborn as hell.  He knows what he learned in obedience class, he just chooses not to do what I ask of him.  I assume he is in his teenager phase right now. 

I can't believe it's been a year since he was born.  I know he's not a human child but he has stolen my heart in every way.  He has been SUCH a good dog while I was sick.  He's a puppy and yet he would be mellow and calm, laying with me on the couch when I didn't feel good.  Sure, he had his moments but ... I am so happy that he knew I wasn't doing good and took care of me.  

Going back to work was difficult because I was with Loki ALL THE TIME while I was off.  He was an extension of me.  My right hand, my constant companion.  It was hard to go, fearing that he would get some sort of separation anxiety because he wouldn't be with someone all the time anymore.  

He has adjusted just fine.  

Happy Birthday, my little Loki-Poki.  I can't believe you're not a puppy anymore.  

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