Saturday, July 13, 2013


Life and I seem to be having a disagreement. I say thing should be better, life says "aw hell no". 
While having multiple dizzy spells today, feeling a bit like I'm going to tumble off a cliff and weak.... I was munching away on those air crisp snap pea things. They practically dissolve in your mouth, there's absolutely nothing to them. Well, at one point something very hard and crunchy was there. I was confused. I spit what I could out and then felt the very jagged edge of my tooth. This prompted a further inspection in the bathroom mirror.
My lower left back molar is missing its ass. The back end broke off. Not sure how. I haven't eaten corn nuts since high school, I don't crunch ice, etc. 
It didnt hurt, at first, but is slowly starting to bug me a little. This could be manifested by my head. 
I see a dentist appointment in my future. This was supposed to be a week of doctor appointments but I cancelled them all in a fit of rage. Probably not my best decision but I won't be seeing any of my team of doctors until I've spoken with Kaiser's patient advocacy program. Anyway, I'm not pleased. I would love to cap this long week and stupid broken toothless with a glass of La Fantasia from Castello di Amorosa but noooooo apparently prednisone and wine aren't a good mix.
Yes, things could be worse. But, if things were worse my doctors would be more proactive.
Do any of you know what it's like to have a disease your doctor isn't well educated on? I do. It sucks.  I've done so much research on it lately I feel like I know more than they do. And, I probably do.
When I have to see a team of specialists because it involves multiple organs and no doc is an expert on the entire body, it's not a good sign. 
However, soon ill be consulting with a vasculitis specialist in San Francisco who WILL know this disease and WILL make everything better.
Except my tooth. That's a whole different ball game. 

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