Friday, July 5, 2013

Critchety Crochety

I swear my joint inflammation moves through me quicker than ... Well, it moves fast. My brain isn't exactly functioning at the moment so I can't put the perfect metaphor in there. Even then I had to take a moment to remember what a metaphor was. Ooh boy, perhaps I shouldn't be writing?
Transient, mobile, roaming arthritis. Here one day, somewhere else the next. Just yesterday I needed a cane to get anywhere in any sort of quick fashion. Today? Not even a twinge of pain in my knee. Today I can't move my shoulder all that well. I wonder where Boris will strike tomorrow? 
I also have never been much of a pill taker. I'm more apt to power through a headache than go for the pill bottle. O course, there are those headaches where I also need to pop an Advil or two.  These days, I rely on tiny white pills to get me through the day or night. In fact, I will even be asking the ol' doc to order a new  RX for a nighttime pill. I'm running low on the pain pills that bring with them a good nights sleep. Believe me, when my joint of the day isn't happy, no one is sleeping. 
Seriously. My whimpering and jerky movements wake Dan, the puppy, the cat goes flying, etc.
Speaking of sleep .... I am really hoping to nod off soon. It's been over a week since I slept more than 4 hrs. I definitely can tell a difference in my mental acuity. 
Today ended on a beautiful note. I will write more about it tomorrow as I feel the loopiness of my medicine really starting to take over.
Time to let my Crochety grumpy ass go to sleep.

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