Thursday, July 11, 2013

I want ...

1. A vacation
2. A spa day
3. To have my hair colored/cut
4. To go to the SF Zoo
5. A day at Pier 39, San Francisco
6. A day at the beach
7. To go to Disneyland
8. To go a whole day without joint pain
9. To be able to swallow without pain
10. A beauty day, hair, makeup, etc.
11. To see Despicable Me 2
12. To do laundry at my house
13. Energy!
14. To not have a potentially fatal disease
15. To not have a disease
16. To not be judged for looking the way I do
17. To be pretty
18. To be accepted
19. To not constantly be judged on what I eat
20. To not constantly be told how I should be doing things!
21. to feel Normal. 
22. to be a mom
23. to live life ... not just survive life.

I want so much I can't have.  I just need something other than working day in and day out, taking stock of aches/pains and what not, being angry at Kaiser, wishing to be like everyone else.

Oh well ...

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