Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Oops I better not do that again

I was a busy bee today. I went to the store and got crap to make dinner (I assure you it didn't taste like crap) and came back to start making it. I decided to make a parmasean meatloaf and asparagus. Yes, I'm aware it was 1000 degrees today. Believe me I regretted this decision throughout the cooking process. Anyway, 
I cooked dinner, made a salad, packed my lunch, and sat down for a bit to watch some TV before work.
Something slipped and I just felt off. And that feeling has continued to worsen throughout the night. I know I screwed up and left my medicine at home. I had planned on taking it when I got to work since I'm supposed to take it with food and I didnt have anything handy. However I got to work and ate and realized I didn't have it.
I am home now and took it, per the instructions I have. So, long story short, I'm hoping this weirdness is related to missing my meds for a few hours. However, it truly was only a few hours and ... This seems a bit extreme for that. I could see if I missed 2 days.
Something just isn't right. I feel confused. I feel sort of like I'm not totally present. My chest hurts differently than last week. I just feel like something is very wrong. But, I'm not sure what to do. I am hoping to fall asleep and let sleeping fix me. Then again, part of me is scared something will go wrong and I won't wake up.
I am tired of having this on my mind all the time.  I'm tired of thinking about it. I'm tired of everything todo with it.
And I'm just tired so I'm going to sleep.

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