Monday, August 19, 2013

Twenty Years AGO?

Tonight, Dan and I had trouble finding anything to watch on Netflix or Amazon Instant Video.  Neither of us really wanted to watch tV either.  While I was getting the dishes washed up and put away, Dan finally made a selection.  

The Crow. 

Do you remember it?  I actually had never seen it.  Not sure why, I just never did.  So we settled in to watch it.  I did fill Dan in on the sad reality of the movie.  Brandon Lee was tragically killed while filming the movie when a live round had been lodged in the barrel of a gun that was used to shoot blanks.  When he was shot in the movie, he was actually shot in real life.  Brandon Lee, the son of Bruce Lee, then died and the movie had to be finished with a stunt double. 

We were snickering and talking about the music, remembering those musical times and the bands that we liked back then.  

It was then we were discussing when the movie came out.  1994.  OMG.  Next year is 2014.  That movie came out twenty years ago.  Suddenly I feel rather creaky and old.  Almost twenty years ago I was about to turn 14.  I thought I knew everything there was to know about the world.  My life was perfect.  I had everything a girl could ever want.  Nothing could touch me.  

Damn.  Twenty years ago!  How are the nineties that long ago?!  I was in high school in the ninties!!! AHHHH!

Somehow, we got to talking about The Real World: San Francisco.  We talked about Pedro Zamora, and his ground breaking role on a reality show as an HIV-Positive, openly gay male.  We talked about how he died shortly after that show, and that he had remained close with cast members.   I mentioned that his former partner had recently died from cancer.   I looked up online when Pedro died .... it was also in 1994. 

Twenty years ago.  

It boggles my mind how fast time has gone since graduating from high school.  Truly, it has.  When I was in school, the years crawled by because I couldn't wait for the next school year, to get older, to get to summer vacation, Christmas vacation, etc.  Those years seemed to drag on and on.  1998 came, I graduated and then suddenly, someone hit the fast foward button on life. 

The last year and a half seems to have gone fast.  I know I haven't been enjoying myself.  Yet, it is still flying by.  I'm shocked to be so close to starting 2014 when I still feel like 2013 should be starting.  How can it almost be over? 

So many cool things come to mind when I think back to the nineties.  Of course, the first worst moment of my life also happened back then.  It was a tumultuous period of life, being a teenager, a high schooler, then heading off into the real world. Losing my mom, wondering where life is going to take me.  It was all so crazy. 

And, don't even get me started on how we all dressed back then.  Wow ... I shake my head when I see it.  But, didn't we think we all looked so awesome?  Yes.  Yes, we did.  

It is crazy that the nineties were already 20 years ago.  Y2K and all the hooplah from that ... a distant memory.  

Time ... stop moving so quickly.  I don't need to get any older any faster than I already am!!! Slow down a little so I can enjoy life a little bit.  

I don't want to find myself sitting here in 2033 thinking about how 2013 and my diagnosis time was already twenty years ago.  Oh ... man, I don't even want to think how old I'll be in 2033.  

I need to stop and look around a bit while life is passing me by.  I feel like I am starting to miss out.  

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