Friday, September 6, 2013

It that which must not be named

I'm watching Harry Potter, hence the title.   While I've nicknamed my disease Boris, I also think it is That which must not be named. Or talked about? I'm still working on it. Usually, I've read about something and want to share it with ... Someone, anyone. But I still don't want to be THAT girl.

I've been sick the last few days. "Sick" meaning I have a bug. I know I'm always sick, I have an incurable disease. I caught a cold that seemed to invite the flu in to stay as well. My sinuses have been stuffed up, and I've had off and on fevers, chills, body aches and ... Yes, vomit. TMI? Probably. 

In any case, it sucks! I'd gotten used to feeling run over all the time, the lightheaded and dizziness, etc.. With having these bugs, I've felt much worse. I would like very much for it to go away.  I think I've managed to return my sinuses to their usual less than stellar condition.  I am not longer tossing my cookies but I have rediscovered the horrific cough it took me a very long time to stifle before.  Now I cough ALL the time again.

I would give anything to go back to how I felt last week. No, I'd give anything to go back to January 2012 and feel THAT way . Alas, that ain't happening. So, ill settle for how I normally feel.

In sad news, a very nice man that I knew a wee bit was found dead this week. I was caught off guard when I heard because he wasn't much older than me. It sucks to hear these things. It sucks that it had to happen. He was a good guy, a good friend to my family. I hope he is at peace. 

RIP Patrick.

Life is wholly unpredictable. I've said this many times.  I've written this many times. I am living proof of its unpredictable nature.  I hope every one takes a moment to be grateful for what they have, to acknowledge the small favors and little things that bring a smile to their face. 

I always say please, thank you and have a good day to people I pass or deal with. It amazes me how shocked people are to hear those words. Have we lost such simple courtesies like acknowledging other human beings? You never know what kind of day the other person is having. Just saying hello, offering a smile or wishing them a good day could be their only bright spot in their day. Don't deny them that tiny spark of hope. 

I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful night.

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