Thursday, December 26, 2013

What's Important

Have you ever taken a moment to stop and prioritize things in your life?  I'm not talking about the BIG things like children, mortgages, spouses, etc.  I'm talking those itty bitty things in life that we often overlook as just something that happens.  For example:  eating, drinking, sleeping, breathing, thinking, dreaming, believing.  Those are tiny, involuntary actions that our body just DOES.  We don't have to walk through life saying "Breathe in, breathe out," "chew, chew, chew some more, swallow ... oops, keep chewing" "one foot in front of the other, up down, left right"  These things just happen for us.  Which is good, because with how forgetful people are ... some may forget that they were supposed to be breathing and ... poof, they are gone.

I've been put in a position where I have to actually put an emphasis on some of those little things.  Let's just talk about the major one for a moment. 


Everyone does it.  Most of us don't do it as much as we should.  Myself included. I used to just get a few hours of sleep and would think I was doing just fine.  Sure, I'd be tired but it was OK.  I could keep going.  As I got older, the few hours didn't work so much.  But now, I'm hovering near 6 and my mind wakes me up wanting to get up and do things.  HA!  Stupid brain, I am not physically capable yet of doing the things the brain thinks I should be up and doing.  Still, my brain hasn't quite gotten with the program that sleep is MORE important than working out.

I hear all the gasps and protests for all the fitness obsessed friends out there.  Yes, people.  Sleep is MORE important.  If you don't sleep, you're not doing your body ANY good when you work out.  Don't believe me?  Google it!

Sleep recharges the major organs in your body.  A lack of sleep can actually kill you.  It can cause major heart issues.  Sleep.  It's how our bodies fight infection and for me ... infection is the boogeyman that can steal away my life right out from underneath my nose.  Hence the extreme anger over the sickies coming to work.  It's a cold for you, it could be a lung infection for me.  AHH!  Anyway, ... sleep saves.  Sleep repairs. 

This is my new #1 priority.  I need to make sure I am getting 8 hours.  I get off work at 1am.  I'm in bed about 0130.  I need to not wake up til 0930.  Somehow, I have to make this happen.  I haven't figured out how to shut off my brain yet.  My body is screaming at me daily that I need more sleep. 

I need more sleep.  I need more deep breathing.  I need less stress and more peace.  I will make these things happen for me.  I suggest everyone do this.  There's a lot of people around me who could use a few deep breaths, a glance at the bigger picture of life, and how quickly everything can change. 

Don't take a moment for granted because you could end up like me, sidelined, being reminded daily that I am not as good as everyone else because I can't do them.  Being told there are "no excuses" when I am also being told by a doctor who's opinion is more important than a regular person  Doc says no.  You can think there's "no excuse" all you want.  I'll take my health over an obsession.

Being alive and healthy is important.   I'd like to stay on this side of the ground, thanks. 

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