Friday, January 10, 2014

A girl in a bubble

Are there places that make human sized bubbles? 

I'd like to place an order if there is.

I'm a little worried, folks. h1N1 has decided to rear it's ugly-ass head again, in my area, and is taking lives without care.  Including that of a considerably healthy, 23 yr old male.  I'm not considerably healthy. I would be one of those people they would consider to be "at risk".  You know the ones .... small children, the elderly and those with chronic illness.  Yay, me.   I can't begin to tell you how it feels to be lumped into the chronically sick category.  I love my life, not.

I don't want to even attempt to face that battle.  I'm already fighting against my regular health. I'm doing everything I can to stay healthy.  My hands are cracked and dry from hand washing, hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial wipes for our community desks here at work.   I try not to sit with the people who are trying very hard to get a lung out from where it's supposed to be sitting.  But ... I can't avoid them forever.

Case in point?  I think my husband has the flu.  He just called me very sick thinking he had the flu.  I can't exactly NOT go home.  I mean, my dinner is there in the refrigerator waiting for me.  I have no change of clothes, I wanted to shower and wash my hair tonight so I don't have to wash my hair in the morning for my early shift.  I have to go home.  I live there!  I guess I could sleep on the couch. 

I wish people would remember what's going on with me.  I don't talk about it all the time because it seems like this forbidden topic.  Honestly, no one wants to hear about it.  I learned my lesson there.  I've seen enough eye rolling and winks to last a lifetime.   But, I'll listen to their endless stories of their lives for days.  Whatever.  It is what it is.  Anyway ... I wish people would stop and think.

Colds?  I get it.  I'm not asking people to think of me with colds.  It's the blasted flu that I'm concerned about.  I'll pay you for the shift differential or loss of half time pay you miss from your overtime because you're sick.  I will.  Anything to keep me from getting the flu because I don't want to lose my life.

This is stressing me out.  I don't need stress. 

I know I could be freaking out over nothing.  I mean, I've managed to NOT catch the colds that have been around me.  I'm just a little on edge about this damn flu.  I've never been in the "at risk" category at all.  Ever.  I was a healthy little bean until now ... and now?  The flu scares the shit out of me.  Pardon my French.

Anyway ... I need to find a plastic bubble or maybe a tent I can put over me. Then, everyone can come in with their germs if they want and I'll be safely tucked away in the bubble, safe from their coughing, hacking, sneezing, fevers, chills, etc. 

Just call me the girl in the bubble.  Hmm, maybe I can fly like Glinda in her bubble.  No?  Well, a girl can dream.

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