Saturday, February 8, 2014

All the Small Things

First order of business for this entry ... It's RAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is absolutely fantastic to a multitude of reasons.  Shall I list them for you?  First and foremost, we desperately need it here in California.  While the rest of the world is being pummeled by the Polar Vortex or whatever weird weathery name they gave it this year and we had nothing but sunshine.  Sounds wonderful right?  Sure, the beautiful days were wonderful.  I walked outside, I got fresh air, it was beautiful. Except, we had no water.  Lakes were drying up, revealing long ago mining towns or houses that had been covered up in these man-made lakes.  Reservoirs were now in danger.  We needed the water.  So ... California can let out the breath we were holding just a little bit, we are getting some rain.  Some ... haha.  It's been raining non stop for over 24 hours and happens to be pouring right now.  It won't completely alleviate the drought concerns unless it stays at it for the next month but ... it's something. 

Two:  Napa and Sonoma County are known as WINE COUNTRY.  We need to be able to water those vineyards to keep our main source of local income alive.  Granted, wineries are well funded enough that they can get water to take care of business but ... it we truly run out, well ... they may have a problem too.

Three:  I LOVE the rain.  I am a girl who enjoys the seasons.  I love the fresh smell of Spring, the gorgeous summer days, the crispness of fall and then our rainy stormy winters.  This year ... summer never really came and we've been living in a perpetual state of springlike weather that continued through Christmas.  It's very hard to enjoy the Christmas holiday when it's so sunny.  This isn't Australia!   So, my soul is alive right now, listening to the sound of the pounding rain, smelling that unmistakable smell of rain.  Oh man, this is fantastic!!! I'm listening to the rain come down in sheets right now and I really love it.

Alas, this feeling isn't mutual across the board.  I've seem posts about what the rain is doing to ruin the lives of those around me.  Not literally ruin their lives, I'm not talking about people who are actually suffering.  No.  Not those people.  I am talking about those people who are that small of a person that they feel that this rain is a personal slight on them.  Ahhh, please.

The world is a dark, stormy, evil place, but it's also really great.  It's like 2 for 1.  For every horrible thing, there are two great things.  Sometimes, it is good to see outside your own bubble at the real world and remember how good we have it.

Especially for my American peeps.  We live in a free country.  Free to post things on Facebook that drive others nuts, free to make comments without fear, free to wear and do what we want.  This is a great place to live when you look at the big picture.  It might be changing for the worse, but ... we can still hang on to some of our rights.

Anyway, being doubly diagnosed (and then diagnose with even more since then) really makes me look at the world through a wide angle lens.  I see that my bubble is tarnished, but the world around me isn't so bad.  What's happening to me, is just happening to me and those directly connected to me.  It doesn't make the world a bad place.  

I've learned to appreciate the tiniest things in life, puppy snuggles, a quiet evening, a hearty laugh, good conversation, listening to the sound of the rain.  I appreciate the bigger things that afford me the life I lived, a good stable job, good benefits.  I appreciate life, because I know there is more out there then me.

Yes, I also get caught up in the crap that's happening inside my bubble.  I've let it weigh me down, I've let it affect how I look at the world.  But, I always pull my head out and look at the world again.

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