Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Never Give Up On Your Dream

What if you have writers' block?

Ugh.  I've been doing so well.  I was flying through my writing.  I told myself I'd go back and edit, embellish and add once I finished.  I found out a regular book as 250-300 words a page so I was keeping an eye on my word count and how long it was.  I really really want to cross an item off my bucket list and get a rejection letter from a real publishing company.  Or a hundred of them, who knows? 

And now all that seems to have come to a screeching halt.  I came in today and was ready to write.  I pulled up the document and stared at the screen.  I think I wrote a paragraph.  I also started having those same thoughts that this is a stupid book and would never get published.

These are not good thoughts to have. 

The last couple days I've been in an absolutely rotten mood so, that could have something to do with it.  So, I saved what I had, closed the document and I am going to give myself a few days to breathe, clear my head of the nastiness and then maybe try it again.

Honestly though?  The writers' block isn't helping my foul mood. 

I don't want to go into it all here, but I've been trapped in a major pity party of one.  I have been actively trying to pull myself out of it. 

As mentioned before, I think I will give myself a few days to get over this.  I don't want to delete my progress.  I'm halfway there.  I'm further than I've ever been.  If I delete it, I'd be starting ALL over again. 

In my inspiration video (YouTube Video of Tom Hardy and Kenny Ross for the Prince's Trust), hunky Tom says "Never Give Up On Your Dream".  I don't plan on it Tommy Boy.  But, at the moment I'm thinking about it. 

Walk away, take a breather, re-focus and try again.  I mean, it's not like I am on a deadline at all.  The only people I've talked to about it want me to pay and they will publish whatever I send them. 


I want to earn it! Even if I get turned down 1000 times.  J.K Rowling was turned down a bunch of times and look how HUGE Harry Potter was.

My book is no Harry Potter, I'm just saying she was turned down and didn't give up.

Here's to getting back on track after a break and hopefully, pulling myself out of this pity party so I can go back to getting better. 

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