Sunday, April 20, 2014


This morning, while in some downtime at work, I was endlessly "window-shopping" in the Kindle Store on Amazon, I came across something that made me snicker.  (No, I don't have a penny to purchase new books right now but I love to find new books to add to the several hundred book Wish List that I have saved in my account.)

I was searching for books on Cancer patients.  No, not factual tales, but fictional stories involving a character with Cancer.  I read "The Fault in Our Stars" and while it was an Young Adult book, it struck me right through to my core.  I felt something while reading it because I identified so much with the characters in the book.  It doesn't matter what type of Cancer you have ... we all fall under the same umbrella with all this life changing, mind-altering crap.  I like reading the fictional stories because most of the time, they aren't completely about the illness.  There's some other great adventure paralleling it and I like to just sort of go on their adventure with them.  Anyway, so that's what I was looking for ... books similar to that one. 

I digress.  Anyway, I was scrolling through and saw "Cancer: a Beginner's Guidebook" and I literally snickered.  Seriously?  A Beginner's Guidebook?  Is there a mid-level book and then, for those seasoned Cancer patients The Advanced Manual?  Who would get to read the advanced one?  People with their 2nd and 3rd occurences?  Those who are terminal?  Or is that strictly for doctors to read because it would be chock full of medical terminology that only those "in the know" would understand?

I wonder what the Beginner's Guidebook would be about? 

Chapter One:  So, you've got Cancer ... sucks to be you.   Because, honestly, that's how the world looks upon diagnosis.  "This Sucks" and everyone looks at you with sad, pouty eyes, instantly feeling nothing but sympathy for you.  Would it talk about the options?  Therapies?  Medications?  Is it a solely medical book about how you'll fight the battle with science?  When I first heard, I wanted a book that was frank about things.  For example, Jenny McCarthy wrote a series of books about pregnancy, childbirth and raising a child.  She wrote other books too but the book on Pregnancy was one of the best books I've read.  No, I've not been pregnant, but ... if that day ever came I would be prepared for the WEIRDEST stuff!!! I know she covered more than what is in most pregnancy manuals.  I know people who are thankful to her book for making sure there were no "surprises." 

That's the kind of cancer book I wish I had.  If I ever have a relapse, and this time have to go the route of chemotherapy, I plan on writing a book just like that.  A book that is open and honest about what happens to ones body while on chemo.  I've seen it with other people but ... I want to share the real truth of things. 

I mean, I kind of did that all with this blog.  Only, I just had radiation.  I felt tired.  My neck felt hot.  There's only so many ways you can write about fatigue.  I can't even really write something about the effects my medication have on me.  It would be short and extremely boring. 

I don't know.  That book made me laugh.  I am sure it is a great source of comfort for people.  Perhaps not even the people who have the cancer. Sometimes, literature is more of a comfort to those who have loved ones with Cancer so that they may understand what's happening. 

What's next ... Life, a Beginner's Guidebook. 

Chapter One:  You're born. 

You were born!  You can't see, feed yourself, speak or do anything for yourself.  Hopefully the person in charge of making sure you survive to be able to care for yourself is competent and won't fail. 

No pressure, right? 

Cancer isn't like that.  Well, your life is in someone else's hands but ... hopefully your doctor paid attention in school and continues to learn so that he/she may find newer and better ways of helping you stay alive. 

Anyway, I just thought I would share that laugh with you all.  It brightened my day a little and I hope that I could do the same for you. 

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