Friday, June 27, 2014


I can't write!  AH!  I don't know what's going on.  I wrote two books.  Yes ... two.  I finished the second one about two weeks ago.  I went through it on a first re-write and then called it done.  I don't feel there is anything more I can do to it.  Well ... I felt that way.  Now, as I sit here with a blank word document open before me to work on another idea I have ... I feel like maybe there is more to be done to the second one. 

But, I shouldn't.  I loved it very much when I was finished and I don't want anything to jade me from it right now.  I need to have it bound like the other one so it can sit on my shelf next to it. 

I haven't heard back from all the agents.  The ones I have heard from politely rejected me.  But, it's a rejection nonetheless.  This is a rite of passage for writers.  Everyone gets turned down.  So, I'm really working on NOT being discouraged by all of this.  There's still a BUNCH of queries out there. 

But now, as I eagerly sit before the computer to start an idea I feel pretty strongly about ... I can't write anything.

Writer's block?  Perhaps.  I've been working a lot, not getting too much sleep and ... I don't know, maybe my brain  needs a rest?  Do writers take time off between projects?

Inspiration is running rampant in my brain but I can't seem to form the words right and put them on paper. 

I'm blocked.  Blocked like a clogged drain. 

What could I use as Drain-O for my brain?

Maybe I should just take a few days off ... read, scroll Pinterest, scribble down ideas.  It will come back to me eventually.


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