Sunday, August 3, 2014

Twenty Four Hours

What a difference 24 hours makes.  It's a whole day.  In that one day, I have a completely different outlook.  Why?  Well ... a friend of mine found an article about an author who put her books on Amazon for free, and makes money doing that.  Well ... if she can do that, SO CAN I!
So I looked into it, and uploaded, tweaked and designed and now my first finished book, "Mirror, Mirror", is sitting available in the Kindle Bookstore for $2.99.  I have also been messing around on CreateSpace and am in the process of making the paperback version also available on Amazon for $9.99.  I'll only make about $2 on each book but ... do you know what that means?!

I'm an author, baby.  A published author who is actually able to make something called money with the words I am writing. 

Is this the ultimate dream come true?  Sort of.  The ultimate dream would be to achieve some sort of Stephen King-Danielle Steele type fame where the mere mention of my name and people know who I am but ... that's rare and ... I'll take just having my work out there, in print, on e-readers ... everywhere!!! I'll take it.  It's like ... almost the full and total dream. 

I want to be over the moon excited but I am somewhere that I have to remain calm, keep it to myself and not dance around the room excited.  But, I am excited.  This is like HUGE!! 

Who knows what will happen?  The what-if is kind of a nice feeling.  Nothing could happen and then again, a lot of things could happen.  I could make a little extra money to pay bills off which would, ultimately, give me more free time to write from home.  It is the bills that keep me here day in and day out and night and day and day in and day out again.  If I could make enough to free up some of my time .....

Well that would make me feel downright successful there!!!

Chase those dreams, kids.  Just go out and chase them. 


  1. I like your quick recovery and the way you bounced back. Go girl go!

  2. Woo Hoo!!!! When you get it in paperback, let me know. I will 100% buy your book.