Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pills, pills, pills

I've never been a pill popper before. Sure, I'd take the occasional ibuprofen or "The cocktail" (2 excedrin migraine, 3 Tylenol, a Pepsi and a Snickers bar) to combat the massive tension headache that work could produce. But other than that, I wasn't a fan of swallowing pills. I wasn't good at it. Inevitably, one would get stuck in my throat causing me to gag and get a lovely taste of said chalky pill. *shudder*. However, since last year and the subsequent procedures, surgeries and joint pain, I've become a pro! Except, I still hesitate to take them.

I should be taking at least 7 a day. 3 thyroid meds, a folic acid, a multivitamin, 2 magnesium supplements. Now I'm adding in Biotin since my hair seems to have ended a relationship with my scalp. Strands of hair are jumping off my head at a higher rate than people jumped from the Titanic.  So far its only noticeable to me. Anyway. That's not why I'm writing this.

I need painkillers. Not just ibuprofen or Tylenol. No. I need something stronger. norco? Dilaudid? Percocet? Something to dull this pain and let me sleep.

It feels like the right side of me was hit by a bus. OK, all of me feels like that but it feels like I landed on my right side. The joints of my toes, my ankle, my knee, my hip, my wrist, elbow and shoulder are in agony. My knee is a balloon. The left side is mildly achy. 

Being a girl with my condition I sit here contemplating the explanation for this pain. I worked out today. But, I know that pain. I have felt uber lousy for weeks now and it could be just a part of whatever I'm fighting off or ... And this is the kicker ... It could be the bastard Wegeners deciding to remind me who is boss. Preferably its the first option. I worked out and combined with feeling like I've been at war with the common flu, I feel worse than normal.

Who knows? I was rescued by my buddy, Tom, who stayed at work for me and I got to leave. I'm beyond grateful. I just wish I had something narcotically pain relieving to help with the sleep part.

I've been battling my nose for weeks. Its painful as hell, crusty and running at the same time and occasionally likes to allow blood to just spew down my face like a leaky faucet. It isn't pleasant but it is managaable. The joint pain? Oh god this is a nightmare. I feel like a hunched over old witch. I walk like I am a lead on The Walking Dead and even opening the door when I got home made me wince and want to cry out (that would have scared the neighbors, eh?). Why joint pain? Why this misery?

I know what to do to fix this. I just seem to be lacking the willpower to do it. Perhaps this agony will be the butt kick I need? Let's hope so because I cannot tell.

Of course, it could just be option 1 and soreness from my workout and I'll never learn my lesson.

I'm going to lie here now and see what happens. If I am completely still ... Hell it hurts when I'm not moving too.

Goodnight world

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