Friday, January 16, 2015

The Whole 30 at 35

It's no secret that my body functions better without eating a bunch of crap.  To be honest, no one has a body that functions well on crap.  We just choose to ignore the signs/symptoms of food intolerances.  For someone like me, ignoring those intolerances isn't helping the bigger picture.  Would you like an anatomy lesson again?

OK, for those who didn't read my other entry on the benefit of clean eating.  Where does the immune system live in our bodies?   Anyone?

That's right, boys and girls, the immune system lives comfy and cozy in our intestines.  It is in that whole system that our body grabs nutrients and ships them off to where they belong in the body.  Alcohol is turned to sugar and shot at the pancreas, fat gets broken down or stored, and ... our white blood cells are nourished to fight infection!  The immune system is what keeps us going.  When we feel blah, sluggish or like we are "fighting something" we really and truly are "fighting".  Your immune system goes into high gear zapping the bacteria and viruses that are threatening us and that makes us feel "run down".  It's rather a sophisticated system.  I learned a lot about it when my gall bladder decided it wanted to move out.  Anyway, that's where the immune system is and ... for me?  My immune system is badly broken.  It's confused and self destructive.  It's kind of like a Emo-teenager, self harming every chance it gets.  I take medication to get my immune system to be more like that of a lazy teenager, sleeping a lot and not really doing what it should be doing.  Why?  Because it's confused remember?  My immune system is an idiot and seems to think that things like sinuses or kidneys are the enemy. 

I know how to fix this and I have been lax in that for awhile.  So, recently, I started to get back on track.  I cleaned up my eating.  NO SODA because there is mountains of sugar and sugar substitutes are horrific on our health for even the most healthy person so I definitely refrain from fake sugars.  But, no soda.  I also cut out gluten products and other processed sugars.  I didn't go completely strict but ... I was doing alright.  I had told my doctor I was starting to do that.  One of my friends kept suggesting The Whole 30.  Our supervisor was doing that and the health benefits are incredible.  I started looking into it and my general doctor was way on board.  She had said a clean, fiber rich diet would be amazing for me.  So ... I started looking into it even more.  Honestly, the eating plan for The Whole 30 is something that I should adapt at all times but, at the very least, I need to commit to it for a whole 30 days to start with. 

What is it?  Meat, Eggs, Vegetables, and Fruit.  Seems fairly simple right?  The vitamins, and nutrients obtained via these foods are all naturally occurring.  No one takes an apple and injects it with more sugar to make it sweeter.  Nope, it happens in nature.  Vegetables are fiber rich and yes, some of them have carbs.  Honestly the "low carb" lifestyle people so crave isn't talking about vegetables because if you cut back on those you are definitely missing some key ingredients that your body needs.  But, hey, no one wants to take advice from the fat girl. 

Honestly, the extent of dairy that I want is something like goat cheese.  I love goat cheese and would love to be able to add that back.  I already use a lot of coconut milk in things anyway so my dairy intake is usually limited to a serving a day but ... who knows what I will do after 30 days. 

Here it is folks.  I will be starting The Whole 30 on January 19th, 2015.   I will be strict.  I will be hard on myself.  I am looking at this from a health perspective.  If I lose weight in the process, good deal, if I don't but I feel better so that I can go back to working out like a regular person?  FANTASTIC!  Being able to live some semblance of a normal life would be the epitome of everything.  I would like to start living and not counting the minutes until I can get back into bed.  I am only 35 years old (oh god, I am 35).  I don't want to die this year like I fear ... and I know that doing things to improve my health so that I can enjoy my time on this earth will only be a benefit to me both physically and, more importantly, mentally. 

I do not intend to preach my eating habits on anyone.  I don't look down upon anyone for doing anything any differently.  We are all fighting our own battles that may not be visible on the outside.  What's major to one person might seem minor to another, but that is not our place to judge, is it?  Someone might look at me and see an overweight person who seems relatively healthy, weight aside.  They don't know I am fighting a battle against my own body every single day.  They can't see inside me and it isn't my place to announce it to the world.  That's my issue.  It in no way diminishes someone who might be facing something bigger or smaller or equal.  We all have our battles, we all choose to live our lives how we see fit and that is the beauty of being individuals.

Now, I've said enough on the topic.  I am trying to look at life in a more positive light right now.  I am trying to see the world differently than I've looked at it in the past.  Will I be successful?  Probably not everyday, I'll admit it.  I might falter.  I might whine.  But, once again, that's my choice and freedom to do so. 

I hope you have a wonderful day. 

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  1. Hi there! My father in law was Wegners. I'm wondering if the Whole 30 helped at all?

    Thank you!