Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Mind and Body

Good afternoon everyone!

I feel like my mind and body are two completely separate people.  Who doesn't have this issue, right?  It's your mind telling you to stop when it hurts, even though your body is capable of continuing on whatever it is you are doing.  For me?  My body is the one saying I need to stop.  And, I am not even doing anything all that strenuous.

Want to know what I am doing?  Existing.  Yup. Saturday morning, I felt a little twinge in my back as I was backing out of my driveway to go workout.  But, it didn't feel bad after that.  I worked out, lifted some good weights, heavy weights too.  Everything felt good.  Last night, when I was backing out of my parking space at work it came back with a major vengeance. I didn't sleep good, I tossed and turned and felt every bit of my back.

It feels like a rib is out of place, or ... I don't know.  Something else.  It's between my right shoulder blade and my spine and when I take a breath a certain way or move a certain way ... BAM pain.  I gasp. I cry out.  I breathe heavy through my teeth.

But what the frig is it? Do I go to the regular doctor?  Do I just skip the doc and go to the chiropractor? What? Do I wait it out? SO many questions! Like, is this a bone issue?  Did I somehow tweak some tiny ass muscle that's buried in that area?  I don't think it's muscular as when I press on that area with my fingers, it doesn't hurt.  When I have a pulled or sore muscle, it hurts to the touch when I press on it.

Ah, the mysteries of the human body and the many ways it can be a total pain in the ass.

I'm still going to CrossFit today.  I didn't go last night because of my back.  I got home, and Dan was sitting out back with the dog playing in the yard and I was in pain and figured I would rest and go the rest of the week. It still gives me 4 days so I am not beating myself up about it.

I had a wonky eating day.  I waited too long for lunch so I didn't finish what I brought and I ate too much dinner.  I am being more conscious of that today. Made some Kodiak Cakes this morning with the cute little mini waffle maker I bought just so that I could do it successfully ... and then had some cottage cheese and fruit.  Now I am having a salmon burger and some broccoli rice. Feeling pretty good about how things are spaced out.

Last night's sleep was terrible.  Sleep is something I need to prioritize because it helps the body recover, shed pounds, etc. But the wind was insane, and something kept banging somewhere in the area.  Then, don't even get my started on my damn cat and his obsession with trying to climb into the window above my head at 2am EVERY SINGLE MORNING!  I feel slightly like a cast member from The Walking Dead today. The husband brought me coffee so I am feeling a tinge more human-like.

I really would like my body to shut up for awhile.  I have goals and they include doing the Open starting next Friday and not being a total uncoordinated gimp while doing it. I am not missing this!!!!

This is sort of kind of day 2 of being fully focused on my end game, no matter how damn far away it is. I feel invigorated and motivated, like I am on a journey and you are all coming with me. I don't have to do this in silence, I can do it with a team! Even if you're just eating popcorn and watching me from afar.

It's our anniversary this weekend so I may allow myself a tiny sliver of dessert.  I don't know if we will be able to actually do anything because of it also being the weekend after Valentine's Day. It's going to be packed wherever we want to go but ... we'll see.

I'll check back in tomorrow with an update about tonight's workout! Stay tuned!!

No Soda: 3 days (I'd been up to 50 days but then I had a Coke Zero on Saturday)
Eat Clean: 2 days
Pounds Lost: possibly 1 but it usually fluctuates so I am not counting it!!!

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