Thursday, April 19, 2018


In what ways am I abundant?

I am abundant in so many ways and too often I allow outside influences or anxiety about the unknown or what "could" happen cloud my vision when it comes to seeing that.  I am so beyond blessed and grateful to have the family that I do, first and foremost.  My parents divorced when I was young but remarried and had kids and I ended up with this blended family that remains with me even though my parents have passed away.  If Mom and Dad hadn't remarried, I wouldn't have my stepparents to still be here with me.  I wouldn't have my little brothers, my nephew, the aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents.  I have an abundance of family!! I need to see them more, that's for sure.

I am so lucky to have a hardworking husband. Because he works a lot harder than me.  I might be at work for 12 hours a day, but he works just as long, then comes home and does all the physical work on the house and then side work on the weekends. He busts his ass all the time. Can he be a grump?  Yes, but quite honestly, SO CAN I.  Two people who are exhausted from work ... it can be interesting.  haha.

My job. Because that needs to be mentioned, eh?  Do I work a lot?  YES! Do I enjoy working?  Hell yes I do. It is what makes me able to be here as much as I am.  I have a lot of debt ... and this job keeps me afloat!  Do I stress about money a lot?  I do. But I am an anxious person so that comes with the territory.

I have the most lovable cats and fluffy-butt Corgi that bring my heart joy whenever I need it. Of course, when I am feeling super anxious and worried and those 'abandonment' issues come on strong - I think about losing them and bawl all over them and they frantically try to get away from me.  haha. Seriously, animals are the best. Whenever I am sick, I have both cats snuggled on me.  Yes, I know they are cats and cats are total opportunists when it comes to warm places to sleep.  But I certainly enjoy it.

I also have my CrossFit family.  They have changed my life and I think they saved my sanity.  I love doing it, I love the people, I feel healthier and a heckuva lot happier. It helps me put my head back on straight after far too many bad things at work. There's nothing that CrossFit can't fix ...  I am crazy grateful to have that in my life.

There's just so much. If you step outside whatever is in your face bothering you ... and look at your life from the outside, it might look a lot different than what you are feeling at the moment.  I feel like sometimes, problems become mountains that block our view and we can't see the good things around that mountain. Do I wish it was a few years from now and my debt was lower?  Hell yes I do. But, it isn't and right now I just need to stay the course, eyes forward, and one foot in front of the other ... I will get there because time moves FAST.

I remember how LOOOOOONG school days felt, and it felt as if vacations would never arrive. That is not the case these days. As an adult ... the time just goes so fast. Too fast.  So, if I remember that, and remember that "This, too, shall pass" eventually I will get there.

Life is good.  People are truly good deep down. And, don't forget to remember that this is just a mountain right now and eventually you will get around it.

Have a beautiful day.

This entry was brought to you by Day one of Find Your Happy Daily Mantras by Shannon Kaiser.  I may post some of my other things from that book as they come up.  I'm not sure year.

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